It’s time for Camp KidPoint!
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0 - K4

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Here the children will learn about Jesus until they start kindergarten!  Each week kids will enjoy age appropriate lessons, toys, and snacks. The Playhouse classroom even has live acting to help bring the Bible to life and get them ready to move up to Blast Zone!


K5 - 3rd Grade

The Blast Zone is where K5-3rd graders will learn to worship Jesus in their own special worship service. Kids learn through live acting, small groups, games, and fun worship songs. Action Packs are sent home each week to encourage kids to spend time daily reading the Bible and praying.


4th and 5th Grade

Switch is where 4th and 5th graders will experience worship in a teaching style setting with elements of a live worship service. The goal is to prepare them for the transition to student ministry and the adult worship service when they start 6th grade.


Base Ops is where children with special needs learn about Jesus no matter the need. Children are mainstreamed into their age appropriate ministry, through one-on-one shadowing and individual accommodations. A classroom/sensory room is offered for children who benefit from a calmer atmosphere. It is our goal to meet your child where they are. Base Ops is offered during our 10:15 and 11:45 services.


Our Nest Ministry serves expecting mothers and new mothers so they can get comfortably plugged in to what we do here at KidPoint. If you are expecting or know someone who is, please check it out here.


Age Appropriate Learning  •  Safe and Fun Environment

Background Checks on Volunteers  •  Secure Check In and Out Process

Non-Rotating Volunteers

KidPoint volunteers are not assigned on a rotating basis.  This allows a child to become familiar with their caretakers instead of learning new faces each week! For this reason, it is best to bring children to the same service time each week to help them build relationships.


It is possible for children to be photographed/videoed for use in printed, social, and other published mediums for 5 Point Church or KidPoint while in KidPoint areas.

Please tell the check in desk if your child’s photos should be excluded from publication.


If you are interested in downloading media or curriculum resources, please click here.