5 Point Church is uniquely positioned to be a change agent in our community. A dream has become a reality. We’ve seen God-sized miracles that have allowed us to purchase and renovate this new space. Now we have 4.45 million dollars to repay, but our desire is greater than ever to reach this city. Being able to retire debt frees us up to do so much more! It allows us to continue driving forward for Christ, to bring hope and the love of Jesus to those around us!

The Facts

We are already at 70% capacity on our new campus! This is cause for celebration but also makes us realize we MUST continue to move forward. We have been blessed with a building that has ample space for expansion: 1,200 seats in our auditorium, and large additional space for our children. We have 2,500 people attending any given Sunday. But the reality is, if every church in Easley filled every seat twice, there would still be thousands to reach. We must do our part.

The Challenge

Over the next 12 months we want to retire as much debt as we possibly can. This allows us to pursue future expansion, extend our current capacity, and add more children's space. Here is the truth: you are not giving JUST towards debt. your are giving towards opportunity, to the next level of what God is doing at 5 Point Church and the community. Many of us gave a year ago to something we thought was huge; this is an even bigger opportunity!

The Pledge

You will have the opportunity to commit to a 12 month pledge that will start with our Big Give day on Feb. 4th. In addition, on that day, you will be able to step up to a matching challenge that a group in our church has brought forth. The goal of this is to get off to a powerful start at reaching our goal. So, on Feb. 4th we will give our "first fruit" and also fill out our pledge card as to what we will be giving, weekly or monthly. A weekly commitment of $50 is $2,600 at the end of the year. With just 400 families participating at this level, we can raise $1,040,000. This is just sacrificing one night out a week towards what God is doing through 5 Point Church, and you. We are asking you to prayerfully consider the role you and your family will play as we grow towards winning this city for Christ.

If you missed our Big Give day on February 4, it is not too late!

You can still fill out a digital pledge card below,
as well as make your gifts or set up your recurring gifts.


** When giving towards Next Level online, please use the "Building" option to designate your gift.