Best Christmas Ever

Duration: 3 weeks


Happily Ever After

Duration: 5 weeks



Duration: 5 weeks

This series teaches kids how to conquer life issues like discouragement, fear, worry, greed, and how love conquers all. God shares stories of how He helped people in the Bible overcome these obstacles, and ultimately how Jesus conquered sin with His love for us!


Under the Big Top

Duration: 6 weeks

Under The Big Top is all about cool "Sideshows" in the Bible, and miracles that made the crowd go "wow"!



KP Undercover

Duration: 5 weeks

KP Undercover explores scripture through looking at the villains (or *bad influences*) in the Bible, like Ahab, Cain, Pharaoh, and Hamon. Crack clues and become a secret agent through this investigative series.


Under Construction

Duration: 3 weeks

This is all about building a foundation on God and how He protects us and keeps His promises to us. 

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