The Rebellion meets on Wednesday nights from 6:15 - 8:10.

The Rebellion exists to REACH students where they are & TEACH them how to follow Jesus one step at a time

What Is The Rebellion?

The Rebellion is our weekly gathering of the 5 Point Student Ministry. We are dedicated to provide a place for students (6th - 12th) grade to connect with God through worship and message. Our leaders are dedicated to helping raise up the next generation leaders through helping them connect in their walk with Christ.

Our Mission

At “The Rebellion”, the student ministry here at 5 Point Church, we are creating a culture that looks in the face of the worlds lies and says, NO. We are creating a culture of WE GET TO and not a we have to. A rebellion, in the beginning, is a small group of people with an unrelenting ideal or belief standing in opposition to existing culture.  For us, this beginning is simply Jesus Christ and the truth he proclaimed and enacted on our behalf.  Because of this truth we battle.  We battle, not against people or earthly powers, but against the evil of the enemy and the lies.  The Spirit wants to move in the hearts of young people in Easley, Liberty, Pickens, Powdersville and other surrounding areas.  But there have to be people who want it.  There have to be people who will lead it.  There have to be people who will be the hands and feet of the truth put forth by the gospel.  God is waiting on us; a true rebellion can’t happen without an unshakeable group of people.  We want to see “The Rebellion” grow as a student ministry, but we ultimately want it to only be a picture of what God is doing on a bigger scale.  He has been calling for a true rebellion for a long time; will you join?

Our Social Connections

The best way to STAY UP TO DATE with what is going on at The Rebellion is through social media as announcements, trends, and general information are always readily available. Feel free to follow, post, pray, like, add, join, retweet, and hashtag away!!!